Dr. Sofia Corte-Real

R&D Director at TecnhoPhage

Sofia Corte-real developed her professional career in the area of Health Sciences performing different functions, from conducting scientific research and doing a PhD in the area of antibodies and virology, to functions related with the preclinical development of drugs, as well as support to technology and strategy development to facilitate biomedical research, emerging technologies and biotechnology-derived product development.

Her main know-how and interest has been in science-based regulatory strategy, devising and implementing all non-clinical studies, manufacturing and process development studies, interacting with regulatory bodies such as FDA, EMA and Infarmed on a regular basis.

Over the years she has gained an interest in intellectual property (IP), having drafted diverse patents, analyzing FTO as well as revising all IP strategy in various therapeutic areas and with different classes of molecules (bacteriophages, antibodies, small molecules).

Her biggest professional challenge is to direct the R&D Department of a Biopharmaceutical company which includes scientific support of three different technology platforms as well as development of the products in pipeline, in collaboration with China, US and Europe. This has given her competencies in developing full-scale project plans and communicating project expectations to team members and Board stakeholders in a timely and clear fashion.