Eng. Sérgio Ribeiro


Sérgio Ribeiro completed his master’s degree in Biological Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico in 2014. His master’s thesis resulted in the optimization of effluent management at a GALP biodiesel plant. During his studies he worked in several companies, such as EDP, in the field of alternative energies and laboratory research, was part of the management of the Students Association of Instituto Superior Técnico and completed the Green Belt certification in Lean 6 Sigma. Over the last 5 years, he has built several projects related to sustainability and environmental education, among which the Planetiers online platform stands out. Planetiers is an online market where we it is possible to find all the most environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions and products. The platform has a clear development plan to become the most modern and innovative online space in the fight against climate change, irresponsible consumption of resources and social balance. In today’s society where all citizens demand an immediate response to problems and their issues, it is these aggregating platforms that have a greater capacity for facilitating positive change.