Sara Pinheiro, PhD

Alpha Bioresearch CRO

Graduated in 2011 as Master in Biological Engineering from IST after an internship in a lab studying apoptosis in yeast at Leuven, Belgium. Then I joined a neuroscience research group from CEDOC. As my interest in this field grew, I pursued a PhD program in neuroscience which led me to CNC, Coimbra, where I developed a research project aiming to study the potential of Carbon Monoxide as a therapeutic agent against ischemic stroke. In 2016 I started a PostDoc in a research team focused on developing a screening platform for muscle diseases at IMM, where I had the opportunity to apply a Business Plan to this idea.
In 2018 my career path changed from basic research into clinical studies management, starting as a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) at AIDFM-CETERA in CHULN-Hospital Santa Maria.
Since December 2020 I am responsible for monitoring clinical research studies all over Portugal as a representative of a Spanish CRO.