Rodrigo Girão Serrão, MSc

Rodrigo has a masters degree in Applied Mathematics from Instituto Superior Técnico and he dedicates much of his time, both in his work and in his free time, to sharing knowledge about mathematics and programming. He has a blog in his website where he writes about those two sciences, in an attempt to show that mathematics and programming complement each other. Rodrigo also takes up every single chance he gets to be in front of a smart audience that is eager to learn, so that he can lead a workshop in one of his many areas of interest.

In his spare time, when Rodrigo is not preparing a new workshop or writing an article for his blog, Rodrigo can be found programming in Python, APL, or in a number of other programming languages, usually coding something related to mathematics. Rodrigo also likes to spend time with his loved ones, meet new people from all walks of life, read fantasy and technical books and watch silly comedy movies!