Eng. Rita Gil

IST student in 2010-2015

I graduated in Biomedical Engineering, in IST, and, while in the Master’s 4th year I went on Erasmus to the University of Twente, Netherlands, where I completed my Master degree. I started focusing on Imaging on my last year of the degree, more specifically on magnetic resonance. Meanwhile, I did an internship on Cardiac MRI at Sweden and during my Master’s thesis I worked with Human Brain MRI, at Nijmegen Netherlands.
When I finished my Master’s degree, in 2015, I joined the Champalimaud Center for the Unknown as a Research Technician at the preclinical MRI laboratory of ultrahigh field led by Noam Shemesh. It is responsible for the study of neuroplasticity and neural activity mechanisms.
A year later, I enter the Champalimaud doctoral program (INDP- Internacional Neuroscience Doctoral Programme) and started my current project that consists on studying the BOLD signal (Blood oxygenation level dependent), an indirect metric used nowadays as a brain activity proxy on Magnetic resonance. I also study the alternative methods of the BOLD signal more specific and closer to the neuronal activity that we want to detect.