Raphaël Canadas, PhD


    Raphaël is doctorated in Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine, and Stem Cells at the University of Minho in cooperation with Stanford University. In parallel, Raphaël developed entrepreneurial training at Porto Business School and Cambridge Judge Business School. He has developed research at SCBL (IST), 3B’s Research Group (UMinho), BAMM Lab (Stanford University), and IOMS (UCLondon). In 2016, he was distinguished with an honourable mention by the Dom Manuel II Foundation from the Portuguese Royal Family, which distinguishes a researcher under 40 years of age for excellence in biomedicine.

    Most recently, Raphaël focused on translational and entrepreneurial projects resulting from science. He created and led the B-CULTURE entrepreneurship project, which was selected for the five best projects by (i) the TERMIS World Business Plan Competition, (ii) the Society for Biomaterials – Business Plan Competition 2019, and by (iii) the Emerging Technologies Competition 2019 of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Since 2019, Raphaël co-founded Tech4MED and LANDRATECH, integrating scientific and entrepreneurial activities towards biotechnology and agri-food industries. He currently is the Chief Scientific Officer at Tech4MED and Guest Editor of the Journal ‘Medicine in Novel Technology and Devices’.