Dr. Miguel Seabra


Miguel Seabra, MD, PhD is a leading researcher in biomedical sciences (>150 international peer-reviewed publications, h-index 60). His work involves molecular mechanisms of disease and novel therapies. He was the coordinator of a pioneering clinical trial of retinal gene therapy and a founder of Nighstar Therapeutics, a Nasdaq listed company. He is Full Professor at Universidade Nova de Lisboa-NOVA Medical School and a senior investigator at CEDOC-Chronic Diseases Research Centre. He had previous Faculty appointments at: University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (1994-1997), Imperial College London (1997-2007); President of FCT (2012-2015); representative of H2020 ERAC strategic committee, co-responsible for the 2015 Portuguese RIS3 strategy; President of Science Europe (2014-2015).