Manuel Curado, PhD

Universidade do Minho

Manuel Curado is a Philosophy Professor at Minho University, namely in the areas of Ancient Philosophy and Philosophy in Portugal, and obtained various other titles, for example National Defense Auditor (Defense Ministry, Lisbon) and the High Direction Course for Public Administration (INA and Minho University). Manuel is doutor sobresaliente cum laude from Salamanca University, having previously obtained the Philosophy masters degree from Nova University of Lisbon. Gave more than 250 lectures in various countries from Moscow, Russia (MGLU e MGIMO) to Brasilia, Brazil (UnB), and was an Erasmus Professor at Padua, Italy. He is the author of several books, including the critical first edition of a eighteenth century epic written by a fellow from the Royal Society of London, a portuguese doctor, Dr. Isaac Sequeira Samuda (Coimbra University Press, 2014). Besides his philosophical activities, Prof. Curado has the literary taste of promoting the edition of Portuguese literature classics, for example D. Francisco Manuel de Melo, Teixeira de Queiroz e João da Rocha, because he glimpses in them signs of perennial wisdom. He also belonged to several ethics committees and fixated his bioethical thought in the book Health and Cyborgs: Taking Care in the Biotechnological Era (Edições Esgotadas, 2019).