Eng. Hugo Pereira


Hugo Pereira, born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1976. He finished his degree in Chemical Engineering, specialized in process industry from IST, in 1999 and in 2005 got a MBA from UCP, Lisbon. So far, has 19 years of experience in the Energy sector, mainly in Refining & Marketing and Biofuels at GALP ENERGIA. Currently head of New Energies Division at GALP, focused on the implementation of the company strategy for the sector, putting in place Greenfield biofuel projects and analyzing opportunities for renewable fuels production. Board member of the Galp Biofuel venture companies, managing operations in 2 different continents, from feedstock production in Brazil of sustainable palm vegetable oil (Belem Bioenergia Brasil), to biodiesel production from Used Cooking Oil and Animal FAT in Portugal (Enerfuel). Past experience as Project Manager in the M&A and Corporate Strategy Department, with a background as a Process Engineering.