Helena Pinheiro, PhD

IST - Instituto Superior Técnico

Helena Maria Pinheiro obtained her MEng in Chemical Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), in 1984. She further received an MSc in Biochemical Engineering in 1988 and a PhD in Chemical Engineering in 1993, both from IST, the latter on whole-cell biocatalysis in the production of biopharmaceuticals.
She is presently Associate Professor at IST, teaching Environmental (Bio)Technology, Integrated Bioprocess Engineering and Bioengineering Plant Design. She has participated in different academic management boards at IST, including departmental executive boards and the Scientific Council, and is presently an elected member of the School Assembly.
Her research interests are centred on the use of whole-cell bioreactors for industrial and environmental applications. She has coordinated several R&D projects on immobilised-cell bioconversions and on the use of mixed-culture, sequencing-batch bioreactors for the biodegradation of synthetic chemicals. Her interests further include the application of spectrometry and chemometrics to bioprocess and wastewater quality monitoring. She has led or integrated IST teams in several technology transfer or cooperation contracts with public service providers and private companies, mainly on the subjects of wastewater biotreatment and quality monitoring.