Guilherme Freches, MSc

RadBoud University

I was a student of Biomedical Engineering (having entered in 2010) at IST, and spent 6 years at Técnico, with passages through Associate Leader at AEIST and at NEBM a short stay at Moscow. I initiated my research career in Neurosciences at the Champalimaud Foundation, firstly in a summer internship (provided by NEBM), and then doing my Masters thesis there. During the stay at the Champalimaud Foundation I was exposed to a lot of Neuroscience areas and was especially intrigued by the processes in our brain that allow us to have the ability to produce language and, more specifically, what distinguishes our brain from other species with analogous abilities. However, before continuing my career in research immediately, I chose to work for a year as a Data Analyst before compromising fully to a PhD program. At the moment, I am a Cognitive Neuroscience PhD student at Radboud University in Nijmegen, in the Netherlands. My investigation consists in comparing the brain connectivity of different primate species, in the search for human specializations that help to explain our brain’s capacity of having such a communication system.