PhD Fábio Garrudo


My name is Fábio Garrudo, a Pharmacist and 4th year PhD student at IST-UL. My PhD goal is to understand how emergent areas, such as nanotechnology and tissue engineering, can be used to benefit patients and their overall health outcomes. Under the supervision of Professors Frederico Ferreira (IST-UL), Jorge Morgado (IST-UL) and Robert Linhardt (RPI), our group and me develops conductive scaffolds for neural cell regeneration.
Before coming to IST, I attended Faculdade de Farmácia of Universidade de Lisboa, where I graduated to be a pharmacist. I worked 2 years and a half as a hospitalar pharmacist at Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Cascais. There I was responsible for the preparation of medication for our patients at Centro de Apoio Social do Pisão.