Dr. Fábio Fiúzia Rosa

Blood Reprogramming Techonologies

Fábio Fiúza Rosa is currently a PhD student at Lund University and Coimbra University (Center for Neurosciences and Cell Biology). In 2015, Fabio joined Filipe Pereira’s group as a master student where he developed a strong interest in deciphering how direct cell reprogramming can be used to manipulate immune responses. In the past 2 years Fábio has been developing a technology to generate patient-specific antigen presenting cells, namely Dendritic Cells, with potential clinical application for cancer treatment. During this period, he has received five awards and submitted a provisional patent application. Moreover, Fabio is passionate about entrepreneurship, being a co-founder of BRT Blood Reprogramming Technologies and having participated in several business competitions to help BRT in the process of technology commercialization.