Dr. Gabriela Silva

    Gabriela Silva has a PhD in Materials Science and Technology at the University of Minho and a postdoctoral fellow in gene therapy at the University of Pennsylvania. She has been an assistant Professor at NOVA Medical School since 2015, and was previously an assistant professor at the University of Algarve (2008-2014). Responsible for the Communication Skills course in Science in the doctoral program of Regenerative Medicine and Chronic Diseases of NMS. Coordinator of the Learning Assessment System at NMS. Gabirela Silva is a principal investigator of CEDOC – INOVA4Health, NMS | FCM / UNL, and coordinator of the Gene Therapy Laboratory. The main research interests of her laboratory are the development of non-viral vectors for ocular gene therapy, namely for the treatment of retinopathies (diabetic, prematurity, retinitis pigmentosa). Her laboratory has been developing and optimizing the performance of non-viral vectors based on natural and synthetic polymers such as chitosan, hyaluronic acid and PDMAEMA. Another research area focuses on diabetic retinopathy, on its contribution to the definition of the etiology and possible treatments, with emphasis on the RAS pathway (Renin-Angiotensin System), and the potential of PEDF and the anti-angiogenic isoforms of VEGF as therapeutics for retinopathies. Gabriela Silva has 28 articles published, 3 under review in international peer review journals, 4 book chapters, 57 papers in national and international conferences, and 21 invited lectures. Currently overviewing 3 PhD students, 2 Master’s students and 1 postdoctoral researcher.