Dr. António Ornelas-Soares


António Ornelas-Soares is an entrepreneur with international experience in the start-up, implementation and management of business ventures in the Life Sciences and Healthcare sectors internationally.
António Ornelas-Soares has a B.S. in Biology from the Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal, and a master level education in Biotechnology from UNL-IGC. He conducted research for a PhD thesis from 1991-93 at The Rockefeller University, New York, USA, on the genetics of antimicrobial resistance. António Ornelas-Soares has co-authored several scientific papers and guided several M.Sc. students through their thesis as advisor or co-advisor.
For the last 25 years he has been actively involved in strategy and international business development activities both at biotechnology and life sciences companies. António Ornelas-Soares has co-founded several Life Sciences and Biomedical companies where he held top management. He has pursued as well an international career in market-leading organizations such as Merck and VWR International, where he was directly responsible for the expansion of new business segments to the Portuguese and Spanish markets from the Barcelona office. He acted as VP, General Manager of Eurogentec North America (a subsidiary of a life sciences company with Headquarters in Belgium) from 2002-04, a company he directly set-up in the US at Philadelphia, that grew to more than 50 people and expanded to the West coast through the acquisition of a production facility in San Diego, CA.
António Ornelas-Soares was involved in the development of several products and technologies that were successfully introduced into the research and medical markets internationally. As a result of his extensive contact network and international experience António Ornelas-Soares has been involved in the establishment of business alliances and partnerships among leading companies in the Life Sciences and Health sectors that lead to new product and technological developments. He also acts as an expert for the European Commission on scientific and business innovation programs.
More recently António Ornelas-Soares has been involved in coaching and advising companies in the Medical Device and Diagnostic sectors, either independently through his consulting companies or together with international consultancies.
Today António Ornelas-Soares is an Executive Board Member, Business & Market Development for FASTinov SA, a Medical Technology Start-Up located in in Porto.