Dr. Eng. André Lourenço


André Lourenço is the CEO and Co-founder of CardioID Technologies. At CardioID Technologies, he is converting ECG biometrics research into an innovative business. He is applying the knowledge and experience gathered while founding Minalytics (software analytics and data mining startup, 2013), while working for startups Albatroz Engineering (software and hardware development, 2006) and Lusospace (space technology development, 2003-2005), and conducting research on Pattern and Image Analysis over +10 years at Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT) – Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), including numerous projects funded by the National Science Foundation (FCT). André holds Licenciatura, M.Sc. and PhD degrees, all three in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Universidade de Lisboa (UL), Portugal. Invited Prof. at ISEL since 2005, André also lectures information processing and programming and has supervised several research projects, 6 M.Sc. theses, and 27 final degree projects. Scientific contributions include 12 book chapters, 8 peer-reviewed papers, 77 international conference papers and 1 patent-pending – “Device and Method for Continuous Biometric Recognition Based on Electrocardiographic Signals”.