Dr. Anabela Antunes

Prio Biocombustíveis

Anabela Antunes has a master in Chemistry, a Black Belt Certification and almost 20 years of professional experience in different areas: research in the field of pulp and papermaking; Implementation of Quality Management Systems and Production Management.

With her training on 6 sigma Black Belt she consolidated a role of tools for project management, ranging from soft-skills to hard-skills, having always in mind the elimination of tasks that do not bring added value, constantly looking for cost savings maintaining and improving the quality of the product and service exceeding customer expectations.

The last 10 years were dedicated to biofuels and biodiesel industry, working in different areas: production, quality/research and Management.

Today sustainable development represents a daily work area, with a constant search for new approaches, maintaining the competitiveness of the company and contributing to a low carbon economy.