Teresa Summavielle, PhD


Teresa Summavielle has a degree in Biochemistry (FCUP) and a PhD in the development of the nervous system under exposure to psychostimulant drugs (ICBAS and FMUP). Since 2013, she heads the Addiction Biology Group at i3S and IBMC, which explores the mechanisms of neurotoxicity induced by drug abuse and addiction. Presently she is particularly interested in understanding the interplay between psychoactive substances and the immune system. Her publications include articles in Nat Comm, Brain, Sci Sig, Cell Rep, Neurosc Biobehav Rev, J Neurosci, Addict Biol, and Cell Death Dis. She coordinates courses in “Neurobiology of Addiction” in two doctoral programs (University of Porto) and she is an invited Professor at the Allied School of Health in Porto (ESS.IPP). She has also a particular interest in Science Communication as a tool to prevent drug abuse in the adolescent population, her commitment towards Science and Society has been recognized twice with “Women in Science” distinctions awarded by National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture (Ciência Viva).