Mariana Sequeira, MSc


    I joined IST in 2012 to study Biomedical Engineering because I wanted to study mathematics, physics, and biology. In the second semester of my fourth year, I went to Politecnico di Milano (Italy) with the Erasmus+ programme.

    During the degree, I have always liked algorithms, data, and data analysis, so I chose to do a master thesis in the Bioinformatics field. For this, I joined a parasitology laboratory at Instituto de Medicina Molecular (IMM), where I worked with proteomics data. After finishing my degree, I stayed in the laboratory as a bioinformatician for another year, where I worked on different research projects involving transcriptomics and proteomics data.

    In 2019, I started to work at Celfocus as a Data Engineer, where I have kept learning about data and data engineering, an area I am passionate about.