Luís Pereira de Almeida

CNC - Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology

Luís Pereira de Almeida holds a PharmD, a MSc and a PhD in Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Technology) and is a tenured professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Coimbra, where he coordinated the Masters in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. His research activity is developed at the Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology of the University of Coimbra (CNC), Portugal where he is Principal Investigator and Vice-President. Luis did his PhD in the Gene Therapy Center of Lausanne, CHUV, Switzerland and spent short sabbatical leaves at CEA, Saclay, France (2005), at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT – 2010) and has been vice-president of the Portuguese Society for Stem Cells and Cell Therapy (2013-2015). Luis leads a talented research group focused on gene therapy approaches for brain disorders, particularly Machado-Joseph disease/spinocerebellar ataxia type 3. In 2017 one of the therapeutic strategies developed was given the Orphan Drug designation by the European Medicines Agency. Luis has been responsible for over 20 research projects and presently coordinates the National Research Infrastructure for production and experimentation with viral vectors-ViraVector, and the transnational projects SynSpread and ModelPolyQ within the European Joint Programme for Neurodegenerative Diseases (JPND).