Dr. Leonel Marques

Faculdade de Psicologia

    Leonel Garcia Marques is currently serving as Head of the Department and Principal Coordinator of CICPSI. He as served as an associate editor for the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin and as an associate editor and editor-in-chief for the European Journal of Social Psychology. He holds a PhD in Person Memory and the Incongruency Effect, supervised by David L. Hamilton. Recently he as explored the interaction between memoryand a several other social and cognitive topics. Leonel’s main research interests are focused in the interaction between memory and some topics like learning, impression formation, stereotypes and group processes. He’s also interested in exploring the relationships between judgment and decision-making and learning. Besides this, he is concerned about philosophy of science and epistemology of statistics. He has published near 100 papers in national and international outlets, and some of them in prestigious journals of Cognitive and Social Psychology. Leonel has also received several research awards and coordinated many FCT funded projects.