Lara Paulo, PhD


Lara finished her Integrated Master degree in Biological Engineering (IST) in October 2008. In January 2009, she joined the ITQB as Research Fellow focused on membrane-proteins from the respiratory chain, their over-expression, purification and enzymatic activities. This was followed by a short project as Research Technician at IGC where she focused on the study of Zα domains from KOI Herpes Virus.
In August 2012, she moved to The Netherlands and started the PhD at the Microbial Physiology Group at Wageningen University. During her PhD, she studied anaerobic microbial processes for energy conservation and pollutants biotransformation in wastewater treatment as part of a Marie Curie ITN project. After finishing her Ph.D in 2017, she joined the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) as Postdoctoral Researcher for 2 years. During this time, her researched was focused on the study of microbial communities of low/ambient-temperature anaerobic reactors treating dairy waste, both at pilot and full scale.
In 2019, she joined Abbott Diagnostics as Technical Support Scientist and part of the Technical Projects Team. In her role, she gave support to the improvement and troubleshooting of the immunological assays’ portfolio of Abbott. Furthermore, at the same time she undertook the co-supervision of two Ph.D students at NUIG.
Recently, in November 2020, she joined MBIO (Ireland) as Principal Scientist. Her role comprises scientific supervision and management of projects, grant application and management. At the moment, the company is searching and developing natural solutions as replacements for chemical fertilizers and pesticides for mushroom farming and Lara is part of the scientific team involved in those projects.