João Líbano Marques, MSc

The Engineer João Líbano Marques has a remarkable professional path. Between 1995 and 1996, he was admitted in the Research & Development Division of HOECHST PORTUGUESA, S.A.. Later, he worked as a production manager of Cipan in Lisbon where he developed a new process for the isolation of a secondary metabolite, product of the fermentation of the microorganism Streptomices clavuligerus, assuming the same position in TPRO located in Barcelona where he was focused on promoting the implementation of a Biotech Building Facility for the production of Sterile Insulin for Square Pharmaceutical Laboratories (SPL), in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Nowadays, he occupies the position of Coordinator of the Regional Council of the College of Chemical and Biological Engineering in Portuguese Engineers Association, having the same responsibility for Quality of the Private Brand Products of the Non-Food Area of Jerónimo Martins, the main Retailer Company in Portugal.