Eng. Filipe Simões


Filipe Simões was born in Viseu in 1977, having accomplished all his early formation in that region. He entered Instituto Superior Técnico in 1995 as an Electrical and Computer Engineering student. After two years of successful studies at IST, during which he was offered a job to do research work at INESC, he transferred to Coimbra University, to the same bachelor. Along with his studies, Filipe Simões was also an investigator at Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica de Coimbra.

In 2001 he began a ten years path as Electronics and Circuits and Signal Theory professor in Instituto Politécnico de Viseu. During this time, Filipe Simões oversaw various bachelor projects in the areas of robotics, automation and human-machine interface, having one of them been selected to be presented at the Mobile World Congress – Barcelona.

After a few years using his spare time to test the production of football (soccer) protective gear with innovative materials and fabrication techniques, Filipe Simões founded SAKPROJECT INTERNATIONAL, SA (SAK) in 2012. He is currently CEO and CTO of SAK, a company which is becoming a worldwide reference in protection equipment for football players. In addition to protecting the players of renowned teams, such as the Portuguese National Team, all big Portuguese clubs, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester United and City, Juventus, among many others, the company already sells its products at sport stores in 17 countries, presenting an ambitious project of global expansion.