Filipe Bica, MSc


Filipe graduated from Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa in Biochemistry and did his Master degree in Biotechnology at Instituto Superior Técnico in 2017 with the dissertation project “Functional analysis of OmpR and FixJ response regulators from Burkholderia multivorans: role in exopolysaccharide biosynthesis”. Filipe was a student representative over the 2 years of his Master’s degree.

Currently, he is a consultant specialized in the implementation of Human Experience Management solutions, using SAP SuccessFactors technology at SAPiENT CSI. Filipe has focused in SAP SFSF Compensation management in which he is now certified in. He’s involved in several end-to-end implementations as the functional lead for the compensation module. During the last year, he has also gained experience in other modules to grow his knowledge in SuccessFactors solution.

Filipe is always looking for new challenges, is a multitasker and a reliant team worker.