Eng. Carla Oliveira


Carla finished her 5-year degree in Biological engineering in 2003 with the ambition to work in the environmental field or in food industry. She became particularly interested in both areas during her last two years at the university IST.

Before finishing her degree, in the 4th year, she volunteered for a summer training at Matutano, so that she could put into practice the knowledge she acquired in Wastewater treatment.

In 2003, she worked as a trainee in Nacional, Cerealis SGPS, where she did research on wheat quality, based on the content of protein. The method proved to be efficient and it is now a procedure for quality control to decide whether the wheat is received or rejected.

After finishing her degree, she also worked as trainee in General Motors, where she was part of the Bodyshop team, in the quality control department. This was a unique experience, completely different from her work field, which allowed her to grow and understand how an international company works.

In 2004, she initiated her professional experience in the environmental field, namely in a small company called Tecnia, where she met a group of entrepreneurial and dynamic people, with whom she got to start up a new business. They created Envambien in 2007, a company specialized in wastewater and water treatment. Nowadays, Envambien is nationally well known in the environmental field, with good international partnerships.