Dr. Cristina Manuela Peixoto dos Santos


Cristina P. Santos is an Assistant Professor at UMinho, and a researcher at CMEMs. Her work focuses the study of human locomotion and its neuro-rehabilitation by means of bio-inspired robotics and neuroscience technologies. Her research seeks to advance the sciences of biomechanics, neuro-physiology and applications of ICT to design of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to improve gait recovery processes. She has also been supervising rehabilitation related works with smart walkers and synergies in exoskeletons and cycling in stroke and Parkinson patients. She has been scientific responsible of locomotion national projects and participated in some European Robotic projects. She supervises 2 PhD and 7 MSc thesis in the project topics. She is a member of the program committee of international conferences on robotics. She has more than 100 in international journals and proceedings of SCOPUS/ISI international scientific conference in these areas. She also has collaborations with rehabilitation enterprises, coordinates QREN projects and a direct involvement with end-user groups, in Braga Hospital, that will ensure that actual user needs are addressed by the prototype platforms.