Rui Oliveira

Rui Oliveira


Rui Oliveira is, since 2011, a co-founder and CEO of MediaOmics SA and is also currently working as an associate professor at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology at UNL, where he is the head of the Systems Biology and Engineering research Lab. Moreover, since 2007, Rui Oliveira is not only a co-founder and manager of the company GoGreen solutions Lda but also an affiliate faculty member of the MIT-Portugal program, where he lectures Bioprocess engineering and Biosystems engineering in the Biosystems Engineering PhD program. Additionally, Rui is a co-founder of HybPat, which is a systems engineering start-up. His academic background counts with a Chemical Engineering degree, completed in 1992 at Universidade do Porto and a PhD in Bioprocess Engineering at Martin-Luther-Univesität Halle-Wittenberg, completed in 1998. In this event, Dr. Oliveira will focus on showing examples of investigation projects developed by the group System Biology&Enginering (SBE) of Caparica in three distinct areas: synthetic biology, process engineering and culture medium engineering. Besides presenting examples of cooperation with private companies, it will also take place a reflection about entrepreneurship opportunities in the area of systems biology.

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Systems Biology: Engineering Cells

14:30 - 16:00