Rui Gomes (Allmicroalgae)

Rui Gomes (Allmicroalgae)


Allmicroalgae is a company dedicated to the production of high quality microalgae for nutrition, health and beauty care applications. In addition to its complete nutritional profile, microalgae have detoxifying properties, stimulates immunity and promotes cell renewal and repair. They are a very promising resource, due to their multiple benefits, fast growth rate, large scale production and many beneficial applications. In partnership with the Secil cement plant, and to minimize the environmental impacts of this kind of industry, they developed a strategy to capture CO2 using photobioreactors with microalgae. The representative of the company that will speak on its behalf is Engineer Rui Gomes, Coordinator of the unit of production of microalgae. Engineer Júlio Abelho, microalgae Project Director, will also be present to clarify Secil technical-based interrogatives.

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11:30 - 13:00