Rita Abranches

Rita Abranches


Rita Abranches is currently the principal investigator and head of the Plant Cell Biology Lab at ITQB-UNL since 2015 and also an invited professor at FCT-UNL. Rita got her degree in Agricultural Engineering at Instituto Superior de Agronomia in 1995. After graduating, Rita Abranches did a PhD in Biology and Medicine at Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência and she also got a PhD in Biological Sciences at the University of East Anglia. In 2000, Rita Abranches started her professional career as a research associate/postdoctoral in North Carolina State University and two years later Rita did a postdoctoral at ITQB-UNL, where she started working as an auxiliar investigator in 2004. Dra. Abranches will talk about Molecular Farming, she’ll present the plant model systems that her team have been using in the lab, as well as different strategies that they are employing to increase the levels of recombinant products. These strategies include epigenetic modulation of transgene expression in plant cell suspension cultures or the engineering of protease depleted cell lines.

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11:30 - 13:00