Philip Poole

Philip Poole


Philip Poole is a professor of Plant Microbiology in the Department of Plant Sciences at University of Oxford. Professor Philip Poole research area focus on bacterial genetics and molecular biology of plant-associated bacteria. The emphasis of his research group is to study the physiology of bacterial growth and survival in the rhizosphere and how bacteria establish symbiotic interactions with plants, including root attachment and colonisation. A further focus of their work is the physiology and biochemistry of nitrogen fixation in legume nodules. Recently, the group has developed methods to revolutionize the whole research area of how plants control the microbial root microbiome. Furthermore, professor Philip Poole has had several publications published while at the Department of Plant Microbiology. Professor Poole will present to us how plants select the rhizosphere microbiome and in turn how microbes alter plant growth. Next he will consider how his research team can temporally and spatially map the secretion of metabolites by roots.

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Plant Science

11:30 - 13:00