Isabel Rocha

Isabel Rocha


Isabel Rocha is currently the CSO of SilicoLife and BioTempo and an Assistant Professor at MIT-Portugal Program, also at the Institute for Biotechnology and Bioengineering and at the University of Minho. Dra. Rocha got her MSc. in Biological Engineering in 1997, from University of Minho, and then completed a PhD in Biotechnology in 2003, from University of Minho. Isabel Rocha’s career started as a Post-Doc Researcher at the Technical University of Denmark, where she stayed for 9 months. She also has experience as Visiting Scholar in MIT and as President in the Portuguese Association of Bioindustries. In her presentation, Dra. Isabel Rocha will approach the applications of systems biology tools, such as mathematical models and omics data, on the development of in silico enhanced microbial strains. Applications examples include cellular factories for the production of bioplastics, biofuels or food additives from cellulose flax.

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Systems Biology: Engineering Cells

14:30 - 16:00