Filipe Macieira

Filipe Macieira


Filipe Macieira and Francisco Pereira were college colleagues, having them both, a degree in Biological Engineering, which they ended in 2008. Their college final projects were dedicated to the Brewing Industry. For six months, Filipe were on Czech Republic, and Francisco went to the nacional biggest brewing industry. Their project had a scientific nature but the taste and the pleasure of drinking good beer was then well settled in their personalities. Two years have passed since the end of the course when, in 2010, they started to produce premium beers with high quality and without the addition of any additives, their idea was to produce a beer with 100 % natural ingredients, a true beer. After 3 years of investigation and strategic development, they developed their equipment and their own recipes, and then, on october of 2013, LETRA – Minhota craft beer was finally launched into the market.

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Industry: An Inside View

14:30 - 16:00