Carlos Salgueiro

Carlos Salgueiro


Carlos A. Salgueiro has a PhD in Biochemistry, with a specialization in Biophysics, and is an Assistant Professor with Habilitation at the Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (FCT-UNL). He is also Group Leader at the Applied Biomolecular Sciences Unit (UCIBIO) at FCT-UNL. Current research in his lab focuses on how the bacteria are able to transfer electrons, which are metabolically generated inside the cell, to external electron acceptors such as metals and also to electrodes. This process shows great promise for applications in the environmental restoration of radioactive and toxic metals, as well as in electricity generation from renewable sources. He has co-authored over 75 international publications. More recently, in collaboration with the research group lead by Elvira Fortunato, from CENIMAT|i3N at FCT-UNL, a paper sensor was developed for the detection of electrochemically active bacteria, which can have an impact in the production of clean energy and the treatment of polluted waters.

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