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About Us

The Semana da Bioengenharia at Instituto Superior Técnico was first developed in 2014 as an initiative of the Bioengineering Department students of the Masters in Biological Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology and Microbiology. Nowadays, it also includes the Master of Bioengineering and Nanosystems.

Ever since, our mission has been to enhance the relationship between the academic community and both the corporate and scientific world, as well as to disseminate the work carried out in Portugal and the rest of the world in the most diverse fields of bioengineering.

In order to fulfil this goal, we gather remotely, during this week, an interdisciplinary group of students, academics, companies and start-ups, always encouraging the interaction and knowledge sharing between these entities.

Hence, SBE IST is a week full of lectures from investigators and companies in the bioengineering area, defying challenges, workshops and international guests, job fair, among others.

SBE - Semana da Bioengenharia App

The Semana da Bioengenharia app allows you to have everything you need, right in your pocket! You can add your CV to your profile, so companies at Job Fair could contact you, consult the event’s schedule and manage your own, register for the activities, read all about the invited speakers and even ask them questions during lectures. Moreover, it has a Piggy Bank, responsible for keeping your BioCoins, which may get you a prize at the end of the event.

How To Join Us

You can join all Lectures and Pitches trought this zoom webinar link. If you want to attend Workshops, Alumni sessions and the Job fair don’t forget to sign up on the SBE app! You will receive a confirmation email with the access link for each session. If you have any questions contact us through .


The SBE IST brings to you lectures from investigators and companies in the bioengineering area with vast knowledge willing to provide you a great experience!

Job Fair

In the Job Fair you will contact directly with companies and question them with your curiosities about the business world.


Investigators and companies will give you a brief presentation about a certain topic in the Bioengineering field.


Are you looking for new experiences? The SBE IST provides to you the opportunity to enlarge your knowledge and your soft skills with several workshops in the bioengineering area and business field!

Alumni Sessions

Want to know more about what your graduated colleagues are doing? You can ask them directly any questions you may have!

Event Schedule


Welcome Session

The Welcome Session marks the beginning of SBE and will count with the presence of Prof. Rogério Colaço, president of Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Prof. João Conde, president of IST’s Bioengineering Department (DBE), and the representatives of our Partner Santander Universidades and Main Sponsors: Everis, Algae4Future, Thermo Fischer Scientific and ALS Global. Don’t miss the starting point of what will be an incredible and unforgettable week!


Rogério Colaço

Ana Fiadeiro, Senior Marketing Manager

João Conde, PhD

Sofia Frère, General Director

Inês Mendes, Director

Inês Gomes, PhD



Digital Health: How Efficient Can it Be?

In recent years, digital technology has been driving a revolution in health care. By combining digital technology with health, we can not only enable universal healthcare access, but also reduce costs for both health organizations and service users. Furthermore, digital health can strengthen preventive healthcare, in addition to improving quality of care and its outcomes.

In this panel, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Digital Health Enablers and the importance of investing in them alongside technologies and systems, as well as Value-Based Healthcare, a healthcare delivery model centered around the patients’ needs.

If you are interested in these topics and want to know how efficient can digital health really be, don’t miss this panel!


Mónica Oliveira, PhD

Patricia Mechael, PhD

Filipe Costa, MSc

Rita Veloso Mendes, PhD



It's an Emergency: How Would you Solve it?

Have you ever wondered how much of an impact engineering has on medical crises? We prepared a workshop that will give you all the answers. With the help of Prof. Doctor Rui Moreno, you will be able to learn all about it and acquire the tools to solve typical problems in emergency medicine.

We will bring you different case studies that illustrate these exact challenges faced in 4 medical crises: the Haiti earthquake, the 2004 Madrid bombing attack, the cyclone which destroyed Mozambique and a possible terrorism attack of unknown origin directed to an occidental city, which could be a biological, chemical, radioactive or other kind of attack. If you are interested in participating, you will have to gather information about these scenarios before the workshop.

Join us and prepare yourselves for a workshop with a lot of fast decision-making, just like in an emergency 😉


Rui Moreno, PhD



What's the Role of Engineers Association in Student's Course?

Have you ever wondered what awaits you after you finish your academic course? Are you curious to know how to boost your professional life? Then this pitch is for you!

The Portuguese Engineers Association is a professional association representing engineering graduates who work professionally as Engineers. The main goal  is promoting  progress on this field, as well as certifying Engineers. 

To better understand the importance of the Association, we will have the Engineer João Líbano Marques,  explaining the benefits of being a member. Currently he holds Coordination positions at both Portuguese Engineers Association and Jerónimo Martins, while possessing an extensive curriculum in the area of Chemical and Biological Engineering. There will also be a testimony from an Engineer regarding his career path, challenges and successes and how being a member marked his professional life.

Do not miss this chance to know more about the Association! 


João Líbano Marques, MSc



Biomedicine in Space: What Does it Take to Live Outside of Earth?

If you want to know more about the exploration of deep space, the physiological changes the human body experiences outside our planet and how biomedical engineering can help overcome these difficulties, this panel is for you. 

Do you also want to find out more about Earth’s Analogous and the project Mars 2030? 

You will get the opportunity to learn more about these projects that will leave you literally over the moon and a brief overview on how to get a fresh start… In outer space! 


Rodrigo Ventura, PhD

George Pantalos, PhD

Jules Lancee, MSc

Thais Russomano, PhD



Gene Delivery Strategies to Improve Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Therapeutic Functions

Do you want to have an overview of the therapeutic features of Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) and methods currently used to genetically engineer them?

MSCs are a diverse subset of adult multipotent precursors, known for their potential therapeutic properties in regenerative medicine, that have been widely explored as a promising cell-based therapy for several disorders. Genetic engineering appears as a promising strategy to enhance the innate functions of MSCs.

You will be invited to develop a potential cell-therapy using genetically engineered MSCs to target a specific disease, by addressing the various aspects that one should consider: from the selection of appropriate gene, genetic modification approach and delivery method, to the assessment of functional outcome of the engineered cells.


Cristiana Ulpiano, MSc



Human Stem Cells in Disease Modelling and Drug Discovery

Many of us are familiar with the concept of Human Stem Cells but aren’t quite aware of all the possibilities they can offer. In fact, they have contributed decisively for a paradigm shift in preclinical research, being increasingly used to model human disorders. 

By offering a renewable human cell source for the development of in vitro models, these allow to better understand the underlying mechanisms for disease onset/progression and the preclinical evaluation of novel therapeutics.

Curious to know more? Join us to find out how this can be achieved as well as the mechanisms by which HSC contribute to drug discovery. Don’t miss it!


Daniel Simão, PhD



Biomedically Speaking: What's Under the Microscope?

Have you ever realized how the microscope completely revolutionized our perception of the world? Being able to see what isn’t visible at the naked eye opened a hidden world of knowledge which is continuously and permanently evolving, allowing the discovery of a vast number of possibilities to improve our lives.

Some of those possibilities are unknown for many of us. Did you know, for example, that microscopy can be useful in diagnosis and research of infectious diseases?  You will be given an opportunity to expand your knowledge on this subject and get some insight on the work of experts in this field: you will find out, for example, what we can learn from the zebrafish! Curious? Come and join us!


Maria Margarida Diogo, PhD

Ana Luísa Torres, PhD

Thomas Hänscheid, PhD

Leonor Saúde, PhD



Is Python in Your DNA?

Have you ever wondered if a connection can be made between our genetic code and programming languages? As the world becomes progressively more digital, computational biology is gaining more interest as a tool that can be used to better understand the patterns of genetic data, as well as its treatment. In this workshop, four Python problems will be presented to the participants, from finding consensus in a matrix composed of DNA sequences to identifying DNA motifs.

Rodrigo Serrão, a Mathematics Master, also known as a mathmagician, invites you to partake on this adventure and deeper into the world of maths and programming, which forms a great pair!

If you want to know more, don’t miss this workshop!


Rodrigo Girão Serrão, MSc



Bioethics: Where do We Draw the Line?

Ethics is the philosophical discipline that makes us question: How do we choose? How should we live? How can we improve our lives? The prefix “bio” puts these challenging questions into a particular context, which includes the medicine and healthcare sectors.

It is undeniable that medicine has been greatly improved and personalized due to technology innovation in areas like biomedical engineering. However, this brings us new concerns to what is and isn’t ethically correct.

In this panel, whether we’re talking about genetic improvement, the cost that comes along with the ethical evaluation of scientific projects or even SARS-CoV-2 vaccination during the pandemic, you’re guaranteed an enriching and stimulating experience. Join us, and you’ll be a step closer to answer the question “Where do we draw the line?”.


Gabriel Monteiro, PhD

Rui Nunes, PhD

Miguel Oliveira da Silva, MD

Manuel Curado, PhD


Allumni Sessions

Biomedical Engineering

Many of us probably don’t have a clear idea regarding what we will do by the time we finish our courses. In order to clarify all the questions and doubts you might have, SBE organized an Alumni Session with former IST students from the Integrated Masters in Biomedical Engineering, with promising career paths.

Don’t miss this unique chance to get some insight into what it might be your future career!


Guilherme Freches, MSc

Cátia Bandeiras, PhD

Miguel Almeida, Eng.

João Apura, MSc

André Pombeiro, MSc

Salomé Azevedo, MSc



How to Grow Your Cells? - In Vitro Cultures

How can you use your cells to understand the mechanisms involved in cancer progression and resistance to therapies? Can new cell culturing strategies be used to optimize growth and differentiation of human stem cells?

Cultured-cells utilization have been increasing continuously over the past years, being of extreme importance, for example, in the research field and in cell-based therapies. 

The optimization and development of new  culturing strategies and potential enchantment of cell therapies are some strategies to make the cell-based associated technologies more accessible for many around the globe.

To discover more about these subjects, learn how researchers study and the potential of this technology!  We will be waiting for you!


Cláudia Lobato da Silva, PhD

Joana Miranda, PhD

Catarina Miranda, PhD

Margarida Serra, PhD



Nanosolutions with Medical Applications

Is the government putting nano tracking devices in vaccines ? No ! There are better uses for the nano technology which has gotten great progress in the past years and is progressively gaining more relevance, with many potential medical applications. In this panel , specialists in the area will talk about the latest advances and ongoing research concerning this topic such as the use of nanoparticles for drug delivery/ gene silencing , nano platforms for diagnostic, therapy and theranostic applications.

Join us to learn more about these topics!


Pedro Baptista, PhD

Verónica Romão, PhD

Manuel Bañobre-López, PhD

João Conde, PhD


Job Fair

Among the various activities that you can participate in this week, there will be a Job Fair, where the invited companies can answer all your questions and sooth your curiosities regarding the business world. This meeting between companies and bioengineering enthusiasts will be held on Airmeet, where with the Lounge resource you can contact directly with the representative of each company in Virtual Tables.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know these companies better! We’ll be waiting for you!

With participation of:

A4F – Algae for Future




Hospital da Luz Learning Health



Ordem dos Engenheiros do Sul



Thermo Fisher Scientific


Alumni Sessions

Biotechnology & Microbiology

What will you do after university? What are the options available, and how to achieve them? These are some of the main questions we all face. Fortunately, we will have with us ex-students( Alumni)  who have already passed through this and are willing to share their experience with us!

From investigation in diverse prestige institutions to business on famous firms, alumni will help you obtain a different perspective about your future. Do not miss this opportunity!


Alicia Calvo-Villamañán, MSc

Jorge Sampaio, MSc

Filipe Bica, MSc

Maria Nazaré, MSc

Ana Catarina Faria, MSc

Sara Gomes, PhD

Miguel Nascimento, MSc



Food Technology: The Innovative Future of the Agro-food Industry

In recent years, agro-tech innovators have created exciting new ways to harness the power of technology to enhance the world’s food supply, enabling structural changes in the agriculture system which could achieve important sustainability goals. However, this is just the beginning. There still remains a huge opportunity for investments in innovative food technology, which enhance the health of our food ecosystem through new ingredients and improved diets via better food distribution, preservation and access. Therefore, the opportunity to use technology to improve what we eat is massive and extends to refining food usage and decreasing waste — a key to minimize the environmental impacts of a growing human population. Come meet us to find out how experts handle these kinds of questions and how the future can look like in these areas!


Marília Mateus, PhD

António Vicente, PhD

Suzana Ferreira-Dias, PhD

Márcio Carocho, PhD



A4F - Algae for Future: From Applied R&D to Industrial Production

Algae is a versatile material with multiple high value applications in several fields and economic and environmental benefits. A4F has more than 20 years of accumulated experience in algae research, development and production, putting this company on this field frontline being specialists in the design, build, operation, and transfer (DBOT) of commercial-scale algae production units, using different technologies that better adapt to its customers’ business.

Come learn with us more about A4F. We will be waiting for you!


Sara Badenes, R&D Executive Officer



The Process Behind Consultancy

What is consultancy? There is a place for me in consultancy? How can I relate my life as an engineer to the day-to-day life of a consultant? These are some questions that you will see answered in the workshop.

If you want to know more about consultancy and which disruptive projects you can do in this area, bring your energy and challenge yourself to participate!


Maria Melo, Senior Consultant

Inês Mendes, Director

Sofia Silvestre, Senior Consultant



Drug development: The Journey of Pharmaceuticals from Lab to Market

Over the years, the average human life expectancy has been increasing, given that in 1960, in Portugal, it was 64 years old and today it is 81 years old. Such increase is mainly due to the high drug development, both in terms of research and commercialization. The creation of a new drug or vaccine has a high complexity ranging from its development to testing, to ensure the quality and safety of the product. This whole process has a normal duration of 10 to 15 years. Once that goal is achieved, we can talk about the scale-up process for industrial production.

Therefore, we can say that in the pharmaceutical industry the definition of a “short period of time” isn’t the same as we usually consider. The recent invention and production of vaccines against Covid-19 in just a few months demonstrates how the pharmaceutical world is committed and how it promotes the global investment of resources and advances in this area. In this perspective, maybe the pandemic brought some good things into the picture! 

If you’re interested in discovering more about the behind-scene of the pharmaceutical industry, come join us!


Ana Azevedo, PhD

António Teixeira Rodrigues, PhD

Emanuel Lopes, MSc

Mariana Almeida, MSc



Protecting Nature from Offline to Online

If there is one thing the pandemic taught us is that the pressure we exert on Nature, and the resulting imbalance in ecosystems, tend to turn against us. Present generations have on their shoulders the responsibility to act, in their hands the ability to do so and in their vision the duty to protect future generations.

In this short workshop we will try to please everyone, from those who like the outdoors and getting their hands dirty to protect the environment, to those who prefer to do it with their hands on a computer or a smartphone. The truth is that all of us can easily contribute in our own way and, in the midst of our busy lives and the hours we spend in front of a screen, it only takes (a bit of goodwill and) a click to make a difference.


Rubén Oliveira, MSc



Providing the Community with Technical and Applied Research Solutions

ALS Controlvet offers a wide range of innovative services, presenting itself as the partner of choice to improve the efficiency of our clients’ organizations, and anticipating the development of technical solutions that respond to future needs.

Experts in cutting-edge research in the field of Molecular Biology, ALS Controlvet develops products and services that support the life sciences industry, such as PCR-based methods and DNA sequencing. Areas of focus include academic and commercial research, agriculture, food safety, medical diagnostics, animal health and environmental control. We take pride in providing our vast portfolio of services with the highest quality and with expedite responses. The continuous search and production of knowledge with a strong research component, are a prominent feature of ALS Controlvet. Product of the willingness for reaching higher and exceeding expectations, we took the next step providing the community with technical and applied solutions in the form of a GMP-compliant nucleic acid and molecular biology kits Production Unit that combines excellency, innovation and bench to bedside research, consolidating a continuous commitment to both our clients and scientific partners. ALS Controlvet is propelled by talented and highly qualified people and dedicated to go beyond and above on the development of innovative solutions and services, and establish fruitful collaborative interactions.


Inês Gomes, PhD



Exploring Cells: From Molecular Mechanisms to Health Solutions

Looking back a year ago we would never imagine being in the middle of a pandemic. More than ever, understanding how the human body responds to outside stimuli is essential to the development of our society. Not only our bodies but also our minds have been under a lot of changes caused by the times we are living. 

Shall we take a look at what’s going on behind the scenes of these incredible technologies being developed to help us improve our lives and solve some of the greatest health problems faced by humanity? 

Join us to understand more about neurotoxicity induced by drugs, neural circuits and behaviour and innovative strategies in medicine. What are you waiting for?  


Arsénio Fialho, PhD

Teresa Summavielle, PhD

Raquel Fortunato, PhD

Hugo Marques, PhD



How to Crack a Case by BCG

Have you ever wanted to know more about consulting firms? With the help of BCG (Boston Consulting Group) you can take a peek into the process that helps this consulting firm reach their client’s goals, such as maximizing opportunities, overcoming challenges and transforming their businesses. No matter the sector, BCG understands the importance of the company-client relationship, and so will you. 

In this workshop, the participants will be solving a real case that illustrates the day-to-day challenges of a consultant. Get your hands ready and your mind open!





Enabling Our Customers to Make the World Healthier, Cleaner and Safer

As the world’s leader in serving scienceThermo Fisher Scientific, with more than 75,000 employees globally, develops critical solutions and builds rewarding careers. This company offers services and products that help customers around the globe in laboratories and clinics, on production lines and out in the field.

Thermo Fisher enables customers to make the world healthier, cleaner, safer, has a unique scale and depth of capabilities and markets it serves. Thermo Fisher has also been a key player in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic with incredible technology advancements.

You will learn about the culture of Thermo Fisher and the reasons why this company is a great choice to work for. It is a unique opportunity to hear the career paths of different professionals, how their daily work routine looks like as well as the reasons which bring meaningfulness to their work. Come and join us!


Ana Fiadeiro, Senior Marketing Manager



Sustainability: The Path to a Greener Future

We are finally in the 20s decade, which we have always looked to as a distant and promising future of cutting edge technology. However, despite the undeniable digital technological evolution, it is also extremely important to invest in green technologies that guarantee the environmental sustainability of our planet.

We’ll count with the presence of professionals who strive daily for this to happen and you’ll have the opportunity to participate and listen to their testimony about waste management, the development of sustainable products and environmental strategies. 

Come join us in this discussion about sustainability and the overall future of our environment! 


Helena Pinheiro, PhD

João Letras, MSc

Sérgio Ribeiro, MSc

Eva Sunnerstedt


Alumni Sessions

Biological Engineering

We all have doubts about what comes after college. From all over Europe to our very own SBE, former IST students from the Integrated Masters in Biological Engineering will share their personal experiences and their career paths to help us answer all the questions regarding the future, whether you are more inclined to the investigation part or the management one.

Don’t miss the opportunity to clarify all of them.


Lara Paulo, PhD

Joaquim Contradanças, MSc

Pedro Grilo, MSc

Sara Pinheiro, PhD

Joana Gomes, MSc

António Grilo, PhD


Closing Session

On the closing session, an explanation about each one of the courses involved in the organization of SBE will be given by their correspondingly coordinator – Prof. João Sanches (Biomedical Engineering), Prof. Arsénio Fialho (Biotechnology), Prof. Gabriel Monteiro (Biological Engineering), Prof. Jorge Morgado (Bioengineering and Nanosystems) and Prof. Jorge Leitão (Microbiology).

To end on a high note, join us on what will be the last talk of this amazing week!


Arsénio Fialho, PhD

Gabriel Monteiro, PhD

João Sanches, PhD

Jorge Morgado, PhD

Jorge Leitão, PhD

BioCoins Awards

BioCoins are a point system used in SBE. You gain them by participating in activities and scanning QR codes in our App. The more BioCoins you have, the bigger the chance of gaining great awards!

1st Place

Gain BioCoins and have a chance to win a Pack Odisseias: Desafios Top!

2nd Place

Gain BioCoins and have a chance to win Wireless Earphones JBL!

3rd Place

Gain BioCoins and have a chance to win two tickets for a Daniel Sloss’ Stand-up!

Main Sponsors

ThermoFisher Scientific

As the world’s leader in serving science, at Thermo Fisher Scientific, our professionals develop
critical solutions—and build rewarding careers. We offer services and products that help
customers around the globe in laboratories and clinics, on production lines and out in the field.
We’re a driving force in the research, healthcare, industrial and applied markets, generating
more than $30 billion in annual revenue. No other company can match our range of customer
touch points—technologically, geographically or commercially. We help customers in finding
cures for cancer, protecting the environment, making sure our food is safe and moving forward
with thousands of important projects that improve millions of lives.
Our Mission: Enabling Our Customers to Make the World Healthier, Cleaner and Safer
It’s more than just something that fills our days. At Thermo Fisher Scientific, our work has a
purpose. Our work requires passion and creates meaningful outcomes. Our work matters.
We’re sharing our expertise and technological advancements with customers, helping them
make the world a better place – whether they’re discovering a cure for cancer, protecting the
environment or making sure our food is safe.
At Thermo Fisher Scientific, our people share a common set of values – Integrity, Intensity,
Innovation and Involvement. We work together to accelerate research, solve complex analytical
challenges, improve patient diagnostics, drive innovation and increase laboratory productivity.
Each one of us contributes to our mission every day.


A4F is a biotechnology company, located in Portugal, with more than than 20 years of
accumulated experience in algae research & development and algae production (up to
industrial scale). A4F is specialized in the design, build, operation and transfer of
commercial-scale algae production units, using different technologies that better adapt
to its customers’ business.

PLUX Wireless Biosignals

PLUX Wireless Biosignals S.A. has more than 13 years of experience developing biosignals acquisition devices and platforms. The solutions created by PLUX have been deployed in 80 countries, in more than 600 universities, and are focused on biomedical

research and biosignals education platforms. The solutions are distinguished by their modularity, versatility and interoperability. Moreover, our data acquisition platforms deliver sensor’s raw data, which is crucial for research, intelligent algorithms’

development and features extraction. Our company has been operating in the academic market and the solutions were validated by the broad use and applications in research of several fields such as medical, biomedical, sports, physiotherapy and neurology. Many of those researches were published and currently, our products gather more than 400 scientific publications. Moreover, our team of highly qualified engineers from different background areas together with our R&D facilities has contributed to accomplishments in significant research projects and in building tailor-made solutions for international high-level players such as Nasa, Intel, Facebook, MIT and others. We aim to move into the clinical research and trials market with our current products’ portfolio and ongoing developments of improved solutions for remote clinical trials and this call would provide us a way to promptly move forward and achieve this goal.


Originally founded in Tondela (Portugal), Controlvet started its activities in 1999, being today a growing organization, with a strong customer base, well-equipped laboratories and a high reputation in the Animal Health, Food Safety and Environmental Control markets.

Controlvet Segurança Alimentar, SA is part of the ALS Group (ALS Controlvet) since 2015, and is currently a company with a global dimension and scope. ALS is a global leader in technical and laboratory services for the international industry, life sciences, minerals and energy markets. It’s listed on the Australian Stock Exchange ASX 100 and comprises a worldwide network of companies present in 65 countries, with more than 350 locations and 11,000 employees.

In Portugal, ALS Controlvet has a team of 164 people providing laboratory services, consultancy, auditing, training, inspection and development of IT solutions tailored to each client. ALS ControlVet also has a highly qualified R&D department, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allowing the development of innovative solutions and services.

Thanks to a very talented, motivated and highly qualified technical team, ALS Controlvet offers a wide range of innovative services, presenting itself as a partner of choice to improve the efficiency of our clients’ organizations, and anticipating the development of technical solutions that respond to future needs. ALS Controlvet is certified according to standard NP4457, which establishes the necessary requirements for an effective, assertive and objective Research, Development and Innovation Management System (IDI). In this context, ALS Controlvet collaborates with various entities of the national and international scientific and technological system, among others, Universities, Institutes and Foundations, with the joint supervision of master’s and doctoral thesis. The continuous search and production of knowledge with a strong research component, are a prominent feature of ALS Controlvet, being recognized within the ALS group as a reference entity in the field of R&D and a hub laboratory in the area of ​​Molecular Biology.

Since its foundation, Controlvet has a relevant history of investment in R&D and the continuous commitment to highly qualified staff, and aims to maintain and consolidate this strategic vision. As a result of this vision, ALS Controlvet inaugurated in 2020 an Oligonucleotide and Kits Production Unit, the only one in the country and working in accordance to ISO13485 standard (GMP compliant).


Everis is a company dedicated to consultancy and outsourcing by selecting and optimizing solutions and technologies to accelerate the digital transformation process in multiple fields of industry such as security, environment, health, aerospace, among others. 

In 2014, Everis joined the NTT DATA group, one of the largest IT service companies in the world, which has more than 100 000 employees and a high prevalence in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, USA, and Latin America.

At Everis, they believe above all in their people, in the integral development of each one, and in the unique talent they represent, by promoting an environment and culture of responsible freedom

Gold Sponsors


Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a global consulting company, a world leader in
business strategy. BCG works with companies in all sectors of activity and regions to
identify their biggest opportunities, overcome their most critical challenges and
transform their business.
Their approach, always tailored to the specific needs of each client, combines in-depth
study dynamics of companies and markets with close collaboration at all levels of the
client company. In this way, BCG guarantees the customer a sustainable competitive
advantage, greater efficiency and long-term results. BCG is a private company with more
than 90 offices spread over 50 countries and has about 21,000 contributors.
BCG opened the Lisbon office in 1995 and count on a team of 50 consultants.


With a presence of more than 15 years in the market, Neyond presents, in its division,
Consulting, through its units of Business Consulting, IT Consulting and IT Outsourcing, an
integrated knowledge ecosystem, designed to create solutions that boost our clients’ business.
We generate positive transformations and found innovative ways to elevate results to another
level, combining expertise and talent in the development of know-how and the ability to
implement, maintain and operate solutions. Taking into account our experience, customers
and our team with more than 450 consultants, and given the high growth of the Consulting
área, we are actively in a process where we are searching for future talents, more specifically
in the IT Consulting area whose focus is providing strategic and operational consultancy
services in the IS / IT area.


Hovione is a portuguese multinational founded 60 years ago. From the beginning, this company has stood out for their innovative technological and productive achievements, reaching a leading position in the Research and Development market for new chemical processes and the production of active principles for the global pharmaceutical industry.

They recognize that People are the main asset for the company’s continued success, reaching more than 1800 employees of 20 different nationalities and spread across Portugal, USA, Macau, Ireland, Hong Kong, Japan, India and Switzerland, including several other locations.

In 2019, Hovione was recognized as the third most attractive company to work in Portugal.

Ordem dos Engenheiros

The Portuguese Engineers Association is the professional association representing engineering graduates who work professionally as Engineers.

Established in 1936, its main mission is to contribute to the defense, promotion and progress of Engineering, at the same time respecting the rules of professional ethics.

It is the competence of the Portuguese Engineers Association to assign, exclusively, the professional titles of Engineer and Specialist Engineer, regulate the practice of the profession and grant the respective levels of qualification, thus valuing its members.

The South Region is the largest of the 5 regions that constitute the organizational structure of the Portuguese Engineers Association, with 51% of the total membership (nearly 29 700 members). Headquartered in Lisbon, it covers the district of Lisbon, 4 district delegations – in Évora, Faro, Portalegre and Santarém, and includes Beja and Setúbal as well. 

Among other benefits, Members enjoy special conditions to participate in training activities, conferences, seminars, cultural events and other initiatives organized by the Portuguese Engineers Association.

Luz Saúde

Hospital da Luz Learning Health positions itself as an innovation enabler that seeks to
transform individuals into teams, integrate talent with technology and promote a
positive attitude towards change. Its pillars of action are dedicated to training, research
and innovation in the health area and are based on a Simulation Center. During its
operating strategy, Hospital da Luz Learning Health has established several partnerships
seeking to achieve better results and add value to its activity. Contact with universities
has been an asset because it allows developing new ideas, investigating new concepts
and creating new products that arise from contact between professionals who are
already in the job market and university students. The Biomedical Engineering course
has been one of the great foundations in this mission, since it is a course with a wide
area of activity, students capable of analyzing problems critically and finding valid
solutions for solving problems.


The Simbiente’s concept was created in 2004 with the establishment of a spin-off
company from the University of Minho, aimed to work on the interface between
research and the market in the areas of Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology
– transforming knowledge in applied innovation and valuing it as an instrument for
solving concrete challenges and needs.
This context allowed Simbiente to incorporate the innovation in services and products
associated with a set of subjects that represent nowadays their fields of work.


Accenture is a global professional services company with leading capabilities in digital,
cloud and security. Combining unmatched experience and specialized skills across more
than 40 industries, this company offers Strategy and Consulting, Interactive, Technology
and Operations services – all powered by the world’s largest network of Advanced
Technology and Intelligent Operations centers. Accenture serves clients in more than
120 countries.